1. Three years ago today I lost my #mother to cancer. I think about her daily and miss her like crazy. I don’t believe that it gets easier when you lose someone who was a major part of your life but we change. Our #grief changes and we learn to cope. I always say it’s just different now. For all of us who no longer have #mom, please call yours, text yours, hug yours and tell her how much she means to you and how much you love her. Don’t just wait for Mother’s Day or her birthday. I got this memorial #tattoo 3 years ago tomorrow. A piece along the left side of my torso as a tribute to my mothers, Alicia and the Philippines. #RIP Ma ❤️#love

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  3. Love this travel quote by Susan Sontag

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  4. "Travelling isn’t always about running away from things, sometimes it’s about running into what you truly want."
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  5. This may or may not be my dinner

  6. Baxter of CA x Dsptch. FTW!

  7. Watching the sun go down in Harrison (at www.rtwgirl.com)

  8. Take that you river monster! (at www.rtwgirl.com)

  9. I’m getting drank Canadian style! (at www.rtwgirl.com)

  10. Gastown lights. More here: http://bit.ly/1wQyX7P